Here are original pieces of my artwork for sale. Prices do not include S&H fees which will be determined by the purchasers delivery address. Paypal is my preferred method of payment. Paying by check or Postal money order will require a 10 waiting period before delivery.

“Shot in the Eye” 13 1/2″ X 8 1/2″. This piece is painted on glass. The green background has green metal flake to add a dynamic look to the work. The design is painted on the front with pearl rays and tons of detail that make this truly a one-of-a-kid. It comes framed and ready to hang.   $325 + S&H  SOLD

“Sugar ‘n Lace” is another piece painted on glass. Using the old school effect of lace painting on the background and highly detailed art on the front makes this a great piece for your collection. Measuring 11 1/2″ X 15 1/2″ it comes framed and ready to hang. $350.00 + S&H SOLD

“From the Heart” 12″ X 18″. Painted on metal panel w/ gold leaf  and pearl details. $80.00 + S&H. Framed  SOLD

“Sacred Heart with wings” 12″ X 18″ Painted on metal panel with pearl FX. $280.00 +S&H. Framed  SOLD

“Big Daddy Ken” 16″ diameter Moon disc. The edges have a ground design that adds to the candy gold and red paint. This is a tribute to Ed “Big Daddy” Roth ( his top hat ) and Ken Howard aka. Von Dutch ( the flying eye ). Both are iconic figures in the world of Kustom Kulture. Highly detailed. $350.00 + S&H SOLD

“All or Nothing” is one of my favorites. Measuring 25 1/2″ X 15 1/2″ this piece is completely hand built right down to the frame. The hand formed aluminum fender is an original prototype from one of the early “Roddlers” built by Joe Iacono for Kid Kustoms. Later Roddler versions have been built for Sabina Kelly, Lebron James, Hot Rod TV producer Bud Brutsman and Khloe Kardashian. The aluminum  has been ground to create the perfect background for the highly detailed design inspired by Jerald Tidwell. Copper stars on a black metal background and a custom frame finish off the work. $1,00.00 + S&H

“Victorian Eye”. Measuring 12″ X 18″ and done on bare ground aluminum this piece is a mix of very different styles. From hot rod flames to the iconic “flying eye” to Victorian accents with some classic pinstriping this piece has it all. Add in variegated gold and copper leaf work with some pearl FX this original piece will stand out in any collection. $320.00 +S&H

” ‘Bonez Speed Shop” 13″X19″ limited edition print. Printed on heavy (64 lb.) premium photo paper using archival inks, signed and numbered. This is a version of my original t-shirt design. With a limited run of 150 and a best seller at shows order yours before they are gone. $45.00 to the lower 48.

“Bare ‘Bonez” 13″X19″ limited edition print. Printed on heavy (64 lb.) premium photo paper using archival inks, signed and numbered. This is the poster from my 1-man show at the Lucky Ju-Ju Gallery. Run is limited to 150 and comes numbered and signed with a certificate of authenticity. They did very well during the show and there are some left so order yours before they’re all gone. $45.00 to the lower 48

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