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Vintage Torque Fest

Vintage Torque Fest Art Show & Auction 2014 Sponsored by OSR

grill 4 Torque Fest for web Screen Shot 2014-04-23 at 10.25.01 AMThis is an art piece I did for the Vintage Torque Fest. Every year John Wells sends out items to selected artist to paint up for the auction. Last year it was a surfboard shaped cutout and this years was a ’32 Ford grill cutout. All proceeds from this art auction go to Hannah Wells Medical Trust. Most of the Deuce Grills will be sold at the Vintage Torque Fest. There will be some that will be sold online through the Vintage Torque Fest Facebook page and the John Wells Facebook page. Please check there as they add more each week. Thanks to Car Kulture Deluxe & Ol’ Skool Rodz for helping sponsor this part of Vintage Torque Fest!
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New giclee of original pen and ink work available now on or along with other art

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TBonez Graffix

Welcome to the blog of TBonez Graffix. Use the pull down menu above to view examples of my hand painted and digital work along with originals and limited edition prints for sale. You can also see a list of show dates for the year. I’d very much like to know what you think of my work so before you go please leave me a comment.


Growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area during the 60’s I became greatly influenced by the art …… and mindset of that time. This is evident by the colored pencil pieces shown below that I did in high school. With a strong sense of color and design my style is a mix of tattoo, psychedelic, Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Baroque with a touch of Rick Griffin. Guess you could say pretty much anything goes. For me my art has always been a journey of self-expression, always testing my self with no other goal than to create work that others may enjoy. Hope you like the art I have created as much as I’ve had a blast doing. Thanx for stopping by.


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